New Elk's building Route 11
45th Class Reunion - 8/28/2004
Le Tresor 59
The Danville High School 
Class of l959

Those in attendance at our Golden Reunion:

John Bausch (2)
Jane Cotner Bly (2)
William Bonetti (2)
Lester Carper (2) 
Ben Cero (2)
June Fisher Davis (2)
Ken Fester (2)
Gail Henrie Fisher (2)
Henry Gross (2)
Mac Hathaway (2)
Dick Hort (2)   
Betty Ann DeSantis Huber (2)
Don Jones  (2)
Jim Kase (2)
Judy Kase Wertman (2)
Alta Brosius Kirkner (2)      
Ann Paul Kistler (2)
John Krebs (2) 
Harold Krum (2)              
Elaine Hause Long (2)
Betty Leiby McCormick (2)
Neil Millar (2)
Joanne McVey O'Brien (2)
Bob Moyer (2)
Boyd Pick (2)
Kathleen Renninger Radspinner (2)
Sandra Johnson Reibsome (2)
Bob Roshon (2)
Ron Schmidt (2)
Larry Shultz  (2)
Larue Shultz (2)
Donna Baumer Smith (2)

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DHS Yearbook Photos
DHS Class Photos with Mini Biographies
DHS Class '59 "Memories" Memorium
The Frosty Valley Country Club was the setting for our gala golden class reunion.  Staff members truly outdid themselves and made us feel welcome. Additionally, they added orange and purple banners to the ceiling enhancing our decor.    

Evidenced by the chatter and laughter, everyone had a great time. Some expressed their regret for never having attended a past reunion.  

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We were our old selves and it was great to see everyone again; in particular those we haven't seen in maybe 50 years!  And, especially, our former teachers who attended.  It was a delight to have them with us.
Art Sticklin (2)
Nancy Hartman Teal (2)
Jim Trump (2)
Harry Walters (2)
Richard Webb (2)
Jim Williams (2)
Carol Dewalt Wyland (2)
Ben Yeigh (2)

Steve Young (1)
Ron Hartman (1)
Barb Peeling Criswell (1)
Linda Lehman Mowery (1)
Ellen Woodruff Dormuth (1)
Gretchen Hagy Kennedy (1)
Nancy Baylor (1)
Teressa Lunger Bradshaw (1)
Dottie Hagenbugh Bane (1)
Miriam Geary Paul (1)
Kay Stetler Derr (1)

George and Betty Gehrig (2)
Eugene and Doris Shipe (2)
Bob Romberger (2)

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Mary Jane Fisher Salsman
Darlene Moore Stockel
Don Fullmer
Golden Class Reunion Photo Slide Show
If you click on the right arrow during the slide show,  you can "pause" photos-----there is sound!
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Six photos of former teachers---Pictures courtesy of Ben Cero
Our Gala Golden Class Reunion
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Kathleen, Georgene, Donna, Bill Pursel & guest of June Fisher Davis, Phyllis (Fistle) Morton
Ruthie Haas, Emma Kay Wintersteen Shalongo, Donna Baumer Smith, Carl Smith
Dale Hartman drove 34 hours from Texas to attend the reunion after 50 years!  He had a great time visiting with everyone.  
Linda Lehman Mowery,  Judy Wertman
Erika Hort, Mary Sticklin, Dick Hort
Georgene & Ben Cero, Lester Carper
June Davis, Fistle Morton
Barb Peeling Criswell, Elaine Hause Long, Mary Ellen Rhodes Karnow, Gail Henry Fisher
David & Kathleen Brooks, Don Jones,
 Mac Hathaway

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Williams
Mrs. Don Jones
June Davis, Fistle Morton
Ron & Linda May Schmidt, Erika Hort
Charles Huber, Dale Hartman, Jeannette Weaver Brown
Faith Love Heiss, Phoebe Hinkle Kase, Jim Kase, Pat Kase Dewalt
Darlene Moore Stockel, Mary Ellen Rhodes Karnow
Dale Hartman, Jeannette Brown Weaver, 
Teressa Lunger Bradshaw
Ruth Haas, Emma Kay Shalongo, Donna & Carl Smith, Linda Lehman Mowery
Teressa Lunger Bradshaw, Gretchen Hagy Kennedy, Bettyann DeSantis Huber & Charles Huber
Linda Lehman Mowery, Judy Wertman Kase
Jeannette Weaver Brown, Dale Hartman
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Williams
Ruthie & Eddie Haas
David & Kathleen Brooks
Ron Schmidt, Ben Cero, 
Art Sticklin
John Krebs, Kay Derr, 
Mae Richard
Jeannette Weaver Brown
Ron Hartman
Darlene Moore Stockel, Mary Ellen Rhodes Karnow
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