An invitation to join our "lunch bunch" each month, always the third Thursday.

Our January 17 luncheon was held at the Cracker Barrel in Buckhorn.  Attending were BettyAnn Huber, Mary Ellen Karnow, Donna and Carl Smith, Linda Mowery, Teressa Bradshaw, Kathleen Radspinner, Ben Cero, and Kay Derr. 

Hard to believe, but we have been meeting once a month for lunch for ten years.  We started during the year of our 50th class reunion in 2009.   

                     Our next luncheon will be held on February 21 at Ric Mar on the Norry Hwy.                                There will be a book signing of my book "Behind Shooters Bar."   

No need to make any kind of reservation.  Simply show up!  We'd love to have you join us around the table.  

This invitation is extended to everyone in our high school class AND your SPOUSE or friend.  Y'all come!

Any questions, you can call Teressa Lunger Bradshaw at 570-389-8254.
Fall: 2010  at Herwig's Restaurant on Mill Street indirectly across from the old Courogen's Restaurant
          Schedule for 2018
Meet at noon (but we begin to gather between 11:30 AM and Noon)
On June 16, 2011 our high school class members met at the Country Cupboard in Lewisburg.  Attending were: Kathleen Radspinner, Linda Mowery, Bettyann Huber, Gretchen Hagy Kennedy, Elaine Long, Jeannette Brown, Donna Smith, Dick Hort, Art & Mary Sticklin, Neil & Bonnie Millar, and Kay Derr.

February 21      Ric Mar (Norry highway)
March 21          Perkins (Buckhorn)
April 18             Applebees (Bloom/Berwick Highway)
May 16              Playa Can Cune (Bloomsburg)
June 20             LT Evans (Danville)
July 18              Amato's (Norry)
August 15          Olive Garden (Buckhorn)
September 19    Ruby Tuesday (Buckhorn)
October 17         Iron Fork (Danville)
November 21     Country Cupboard (Lewisburg)
December 19    Pine Barn Inn (Danville)

July 15, 2012 Luncheon at LT Evans Restaurant

 Kathleen Renninger's  Billy Jim 
Photos taken 4/17/2014 at LT Evans Restaurant
Ben reading from an old "Orange and Purple."
Photos from our 8/20/2015 luncheon at Kreekside Restaurant
Le Tresor 59
The Danville High School 
Class of l959

August 18, 2016 Luncheon at LT Evans
Faith's Granddaughter, Quinn Faith,  Faith, Mary Ellen, Jeannette 
Art, Dick, Kathleen
Ben, Erika Hort, Mary Sticklin
Linda, Ben, Erika 
Teressa, Gretchen, Jim
Teressa, Gretchen, Jim Elaine
December 20, 2018 at Pine Barn Inn
Ben, Kathleen, Jim Long, 
Carl Heiss, Donna Smith
Ben, Kathleen, Jim Long, 
Carl Heiss
Bettyann, Mary Ellen, Linda, Elaine
Linda, Elaine
Carl Smith, Teressa
Donna & Carl Smith